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Confidential Listing for Protected Voters Information--Archives
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Electors who are victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault or stalking have the option to be listed confidentially on poll lists per s.6.47, Wis. Stats.  An individual is eligible if they have been granted a protective order that is in effect, have an affidavit which is signed by a sheriff, chief of police, or district attorney which verifies that the individual was a victim and continues to be threatened, the individual resides in a shelter, or the individual submits a statement signed by an authorized representative of a domestic abuse or sexual assault victim service provider.  The name and address of the protected individual is not disclosed on the poll list but instead the voter presents a voter identification card with a unique identification serial number given to him or her by the municipal clerk. 


Request For Confidentiality                     


An individual must personally register to vote in the office of the municipal clerk and make a written request for confidentiality.  s.6.28(1), 6.47(2), Stats.  The individual may use the form entitled Elector Request for Confidential Listing (GAB-146).  A individual with disabilities may be accompanied to the clerk’s office by another elector of Wisconsin and may designate the other elector to make a request for confidentiality on their behalf.  s.6.47(2), Stats.


If an individual is not registered on election day and wishes to obtain a confidential listing, the elector must register at the clerk’s office before they may vote at the polling place serving their residence.s.6.55(2)(cm), Stats.


To be eligible, an individual must provide 1 of 4 documents:


·        Copy of temporary restraining order or an injunction.  s.6.47(1)(a)1., (d), (2), Stats. 

·        Affidavit from sheriff or chief of police(Affidavit of Sheriff, Chief of Police, Or D.A.- GAB-147) that is dated within 30 days of the date of the request.  s.6.47(1)(a)2., (2), Stats.

·        Statement signed by the operator or authorized agent of a shelter that is dated within 30 days of the date of the request that indicates the operator operates the shelter and that the individual making the request resides in the shelter.  s.6.47(1)(a)3., (2), Stats.

·        Statement which includes the individual’s full name, that is signed by au authorized representative of a domestic abuse or sexual assault victim service provider, and that indicates the individual received services from that provider within the 24-month period ending on the date of the statement. s.6.47(4), Stats.

           o Wisconsin Domestic Abuse Service Providers

                  o Wisconsin Sexual Assault Service Providers

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