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2009 Spring Election Cycle
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          Spring Election Results Summary


County Returns:         

Ward By Ward Returns:

  • State Superintendent of Public Instruction- Excel™ | PDF
  • Justice of the Supreme Court - Excel™ | PDF
  • Appeals Court Judge - Excel™ | PDF
  • Circuit Court Judge - Excel™ | PDF 

03/11/09 Pronunciation Guide-Spring Election 2009




Spring Primary Results Summary


County Returns


Ward by Ward Return:


State Superintendent of Public Instruction excel


Circuit Court Judge excel


State Superintendent and Circuit Court PDF



Offices to be Elected at 2009 Spring Election


Candidates on Primary Ballot

Candidates on Election Ballot

All Candidates Registered* lists candidates' names and addresses by office and includes dates of filing ballot access documents. Ballot Status Codes are as follows: Y=Sufficient for Ballot Status; D=Denied ballot status by Elections Board action. (Note date/time of report in upper left corner)

Nomination Papers Filed lists candidates’ names and addresses by nomination paper receipt number. This list includes office sought, date the nomination papers were filed, and number of signatures the Elections Board staff found sufficient. (Note date of report in upper left corner)

List of Candidates Who Have Filed Supplemental Nomination Papers

Notification of Non-Candidacy Filed lists those incumbents who have filed an EB-163 stating that they are not running for re-election.

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